The Declaration

Tales From a Revolution: South Carolina

By Lars D. H. Hedbor

A hardworking tobacco farmer in the Carolina Uplands, Justin Harris wants only to provide for his family. The outbreak of revolution turns his life upside down, and he cannot anticipate how even his seemingly most inconsequential actions will touch the lives of generations yet to come. Through crushing setbacks and hard-won victories, Justin’s perseverance serves as a gift to his descendants.

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Justin Harris struggles with alcoholism.

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About the Author

As a reader, I’ve found that I learn far more about history through well-researched fictionalizations of events than through dry recitations of facts. We’re wired to respond to stories of fellow human beings, and as an author and in my television appearances, I seek to recount the stories of our national origins during the American Revolution, bringing to life the day-to-day concerns and struggles of the men, women and children who experienced that era not as history, but as their lives.

I relish those stories that let my readers see the hard decisions, the inhuman sacrifices, and the soaring triumphs of the human spirit that made history during the war. While much of the war was fought on the battlegrounds of places like Lexington, King’s Mountain, and Yorktown, it was won over the kitchen tables of ordinary people, both here in the colonies, and in the households of England.

Join me in this trip into the not-so-distant past, a time when great events unfolded around people not much different from you or I.

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Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You

I’m Earl Chinnici and I’d like to welcome you to Special Novel Ties, a site where each book listing is cunningly “tied” to the one listed previously by a common, albeit often thin, thread. Each new listing will reveal this connection. Perhaps you’ll find your next “favorite author” in this way. If this manner of serendipity isn’t your cup of tea, you may also choose to browse by tag (a.k.a. keyword). Each book’s primary genre is represented by one tag. Authors are asked to provide nine additional keywords to help encourage serendipities. will occasionally include a book that is non-fiction, though this site is primarily focused on what is commonly referred to as “clean fiction” to stay true to its name “Special Novel Ties.” And, since every great journey must first begin and since I’m still writing my first fictitious masterpiece, I hereby launch this website with this post about my first book, a true story about the sunset of my tobacco cigarette addiction and the dawn of my career as an author.

~~~ Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You ~~~

At forty years of age, I was broke. So broke I couldn’t even afford a birthday gift for my dear friend, Cathy. I was also severely addicted to tobacco cigarettes. My story begins when Cathy turned my makeshift present for her into a gift of life for me. If you have ever said, “I wish I could quit smoking” or “I want to cut back on cigarettes,” this is the book for you. Although my personal journey, it contains insights and encouragement to help you break away from your own addiction.

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About the Author

2014-08-09 - me - 198w x 248hEarl Chinnici was born April 18, 1970 in Miami, Florida. In the summer of 1982 his family relocated to Lake City, Florida.

His first book, inspired by the soft-spoken words of a dear friend, he published exclusively in eBook format. Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You is an intimate account of his journey to overcome severe tobacco cigarette addiction.

In addition to writing, Earl Chinnici also owns and operates a remote access computer help desk and consulting service. He also helps out with the admin team of, a book blog for readers as well as a Facebook group for authors of “Flinch-free fiction.”

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