Special Novel Ties - Serendipitously Find Your Next Book

Authors, thanks for your interest in having your book listed here. Brevity is not my specialty, but I’ll try to be terse.

Submission Prerequisites

  • Books must be available on and projected to remain there. Books available for preorder are welcomed. Please don’t suggest books that you foresee someday unpublishing.
  • Each new book listing must link to the previous by a common thread other than genre—a novel tie.
  • Only the first book of a serial may be “tied.” With a series, the first book is greatly preferred however might include other books of a series if the suggested tie to the previous book listing here is especially strong.
  • Since creating a tie means mentioning the previous book, the work of another, authors should use care to ensure accuracy. Please stick with what you know or can determine by examining the cover, the previous book listing here, or its preview.
  • Check the “News” area of the sidebar first to ensure the previous listing has not already been “tied” and not yet posted. This can happen within minutes of a new post. If many #TieMyBook requests are received before one is accepted, each will be considered and one will be picked.
  • Books must have a minimum of 3 reviews and a star rating no less than 4. I will probably waive this requirement for new releases from established authors who consistently receive great reviews.
  • Books must not contain vulgarity or profanity. (If you wouldn’t want your fifth-grader to say it around the principal, it is probably not appropriate for this site.)
  • Books must not contain sexually explicit materials.
  • Books must not contain graphic violence or gore.
  • Books must not promote activities that are currently illegal in the US.
  • Books must not be of a hateful nature regardless of where such hatred is directed.
  • Book submissions must be timely, well-written, and complete.

If a book is deemed to be in violation of any of these guidelines after being listed, it will be removed. All titles and their respective pages will remain to maintain the flow of ties.

Suggesting Your Book

I will tweet about each new book listing. When I tweet a new book and yours is a great “tie,” retweet my tweet & tell me why. Use #TieMyBook to request inclusion on this site. This is the preferred method. It helps the author of the previous book listed, it helps other authors and readers learn about, and it encourages new relationships on Twitter. If you’re having a shy moment, you may instead send a brief private message wherever you can find me.

Until submissions are coming faster than I can process them, I will also hand-pick some of the books to be listed. I will especially look at books written by authors with whom I’ve mutually connected via the social platforms. In part, to say “Thank you for your great show of support.”

#TieMyBook Retweet Examples

You’ll be retweeting a tweet of the previous book listing so it isn’t required to include @novel_ties, the previous author’s Twitter handle, or the previous book’s title or author name. Nonetheless, creative use of handles, hashtags, and titles might help your retweet reach more people.

  • My #SciFi “Home and Deranged” ties well with this one. It has a character named Joe. #TieMyBook?
  • Nice post, @novel_ties! My book “Armstrong’s Revenge” ties to “Love in Alaska.” Both include a black poodle! #TieMyBook?
  • My new YA ties well with “Techno Charged” by @EarlsHelpDesk since both main characters drive old trucks. #TieMyBook?
  • My #ContemporaryRomance “Knight’s Whispers” has a sword on the cover too. #TieMyBook?

Once I choose a novel tie, I’ll update the “News” section on the sidebar to temporarily freeze submissions and I’ll notify the author, requesting that the completed book submission is emailed within 48 hours.

Permissions Required

By submitting a request to have your book listed on this site, you are expressing that you understand this site is operated by an Amazon affiliate and that book links will be created using affiliate link-building tools provided by Amazon. You also grant permission to Earl Chinnici, operator of, to include the following information in the book listing here in the event that your book is accepted.

  • your author name
  • a representation of the book’s cover (size may vary – sent with your submission)
  • the book’s blurb (as seen on Amazon or as provided with submission)
  • your author bio and accompanying photo (as provided with submission or as seen on Amazon in its entirety or in part—the part about you and/or your writing style rather than specific books and/or awards)
  • the information you send via email as listed below except as stated otherwise

Completing Your Book Submission

Please email the following as plain text to either address shown in the text file below and on the contact page of this site.

  • email address (for my records and related communications only)
  • Amazon book link (I’ll figure out the title and subtitle based on your cover)
  • book genre (keep it simple – this will be one of your tags)
  • nine additional tags (creativity is encouraged, but try to think of words that are not exclusive to your book to help pave the way for the next author. suggested tags will be strongly considered, but will not necessarily be the tags chosen)
  • a link to your author website or blog (optional, but recommended)
  • at least one and up to five relevant social links (Examples: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Instagram, YouTube)
  • a brief paragraph or single sentence telling how your book “ties” to the previous book listing
  • A copy of your book’s cover must be attached—at least 574 pixels wide and a minimum resolution of 96dpi. I’ll resize it as needed for this site.

View the directives above as plain text (opens a new tab or window).