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SpecialNovelTies.com is operated by Earl Chinnici, a computer technician, small business owner, author, and a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Earl Chinnici - Remote Access Computer Services - EarlsHelpDesk.comOn May 1, 2004, Earl began offering computer repair services in Lake City, Florida.

In early 2008, he extended his computer business and launched a nationwide help desk, EarlsHelpDesk.com.

In March of 2011, Earl wrote a few words of a dear friend on a small scrap of paper, a piece he had torn from a used envelope. Thus began a journey that led him to soon be free from cigarette addiction and, about two and a half years later, a published author. He conveys an abbreviated version of this story as a guest on the website of author C. L. Wells. If you prefer, you can buy the full version on Amazon.

On May 1, 2016, Earl launched SpecialNovelTies.com.

Each book listing here at SpecialNovelTies.com is cunningly “tied” to the one listed previously by a common, albeit often thin, thread. The site will, on rare occasion, list a book that is non-fiction, but it is primarily focused on what is commonly called “clean fiction” or sometimes “wholesome fiction” to stay true to its name “Special Novel Ties.”

It seems everyone has a different idea of “clean.” Authors should visit the submissions page to learn more about what is required of books listed here. For readers, the following key points will likely suffice.

  • Books must have a minimum of 3 reviews and a star rating no less than 4. I might occasionally waive this requirement for new releases from established authors who consistently receive great reviews.
  • Books must not contain vulgarity or profanity.
  • Books must not contain sexually explicit materials.
  • Books must not contain graphic violence or gore.
  • Books must not promote activities that are currently illegal in the US.
  • Books must not be of a hateful nature regardless of where such hate is directed.