The Dance

A Story of Love, Faith, and Survival (Deluxe 2nd Edition)

By Joan Aubele

A twenty-nine year old mother of three has been given a death sentence by her doctor. Diagnosed with stage-four Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, she’s told to make her funeral arrangements and say goodbye to her family. She has always relied on her religious beliefs, but becomes the unsuspecting recipient of what can only be described as miracles. Twenty-five years in the making, Joan Aubele humbly shares her story of triumph as an inspiration to all.

This lovely, Deluxe 2nd Edition of her best-selling memoir, “The Dance – A Story of Love, Faith, and Survival,” includes a new Forward, a heartfelt message from Joan’s oncologist, and a special preview of her next book, “Hearts Ablaze.”

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Faith is one strong connection.

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About the Author

joan-aubeleBorn and raised in Chicago, I now reside in rural Lake Holiday, Illinois, with my husband Carl. We are high school sweethearts, and even though it’s been over thirty-eight years since we said, “I do”, we’ve never gotten out of the honeymoon stage. We’ve raised three daughters, and have four little grandchildren. Several years ago, my oldest daughter treated me to a weekend inspirational, Christian women’s conference. I was truly inspired and dreamt of someday being one of those speakers, to help make a difference in people’s lives. Although spending time with my family remains my number one priority, I am now fulfilling my dream of becoming one of those speakers.

If not writing, I can be found in my craft room. You see, I also sell scarves of my own design to inspire women, and donate a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. I’m truly addicted to participating in book signing events, craft shows, and the presentations. I LOVE that personal connection – we begin as strangers, and part as friends!

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An Arrow In Flight

(Seven Archangels Book 1)

By Jane Lebak

Ever since Adam left the garden, Gabriel has known why humans sometimes act irrationally, and he helps them without hesitation whenever God gives him an assignment. All seven Archangels of the Presence do as much, sometimes even without orders — whether it’s redirecting a lovesick princess, encouraging a terrified hero, or dealing with an amulet-wielding old man who’s compelling an unlikely service from the angel least likely to give it.

But after a brutal attack during one assignment, Gabriel starts getting touchy and harder to deal with. The other angels love him, but it’s been going on for centuries, and he won’t take redirection.

Then God gives Gabriel an assignment that could result in the destruction of Jerusalem, and Gabriel makes the wrong decision.

God forces Gabriel out of Heaven. He’s got one year now to make things right between him and God, except he can’t possibly do enough. He’s isolated from the other angels and being propositioned by demons. Even worse, as Gabriel wanders the Earth trying to change others’ lives for the better, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the one thing he needs to change is the only one he never wanted to risk.

An Arrow In Flight features each of the seven Archangels of the Presence in their own short stories, from Abraham to the fall of Nineveh, all leading up to a long-story crisis that requires each working in unison to help Gabriel when he doesn’t seem to want their help at all.

How does this book “tie” to the previous book listing?


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About the Author

jane-lebakJane Lebak talks to angels, cats, and her kids. Only the angels listen to her, but the kids talk back. She lives in the Swamp, writing books and knitting socks, with the occasional foray into violin-playing. You’ll also find her blogging at, a resource for writers seeking agents and small publishers.

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