Juliet’s Journey

By Kathy Gates

Juliet Carlsen is about to become a volunteer in an art school in the tiny northern Italian village of Baiardo. She has recently suffered the loss of her mother. Serene surroundings, a warm welcome and the attentions of a handsome local named Luca help her come to terms with her loss. Then someone from her past shows up and turns everything on its head. Juliet finds herself in the middle of a conflict that threatens to tear the fabric of village life.

How does this book “tie” to the previous book listing?

Juliet’s Journey ties to the previous book listing Gifted Merely Human by the fact that a journey, whether external or internal is at the very heart of the human condition. Every story takes the reader on a journey and every journey holds the promise of, at least, one story.

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About the Author

Kathy GatesKathy Gates loves three things: walking, travel and writing. Her novels and shorts stories aim to combine all three. Born and raised in Sydney, Kathy now lives in Hobart – it’s like Sydney but smaller and the food and wine is better.

Kathy has a background in marketing where she enjoyed making up stories; writing novels seemed an obvious career move.

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